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Here are several examples and samples of music we like to play during lessons.  Some of these pieces are perhaps obscure or not well known.  Yet, they are still quite cool which is why we like to play them.  So whether it’s a piece by a mightily skilled lesser-known player, a well-known player or those curious places in between, the result is still good musical fun! 

I’ll try to describe the degree of difficulty of each piece in terms of time spent practicing or playing with reasonable expectations.  In other words, how long it might take to get to the point of being able to play this stuff.

Here are a few tunes with FREE downloads for either listening or playing.

As usual, the music posted here is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Blues Riff #5

    I can’t recall the original source for “Blues Riff #5.  It could have been just that initial 2 – bar phase that I heard or found somewhere and then just overlaid into a standard 12 – bar blues format.   Certainly, there are many variations residing out there.  This one is geared towards the player with about 1 year of experience.

Blues Riff #5

"Delta Blues" and "Country Blues"

     Here are a couple of 12 – bar blues tunes from Dave Rubin, an outstanding composer, author, player and blues clinician.  Loads of fun to play, both pieces are easily under the fingers of the player with 1 – 2 years experience.

Delta Blues – Dave Rubin

Delta Blues.pdf
90.1 KB

Country Blues – Dave Rubin

Country Blues.pdf
79.8 KB

Dale’s Blues

Bird Nest Bound


 Bird Nest Bound .pdf
58.9 KB

Gravel Road Blues


Muddy’s Troubled Blues


 Muddy's Troubled Blues.pdf
44.6 KB

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