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Online Lessons on Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

During the current pandemic circumstances I am offering lessons online – mostly on “Zoom.”  Additionally, as we move forward - approaching the much anticipated return to “normal” - I plan on retaining the online option.  For many it’s just more convenient: saves time, perhaps one is feeling slightly under the weather or just don’t feel going out of the house.  Online scheduling also offers incredible flexibility.

Although, not the preference for some and perhaps not suitable for every style or type of lesson, online lessons can be a great alternative to the traditional in-person lesson.

Notably, the biggest problem is that we can’t play together.  So, jamming or improvisational lesson applications aren’t going to work.

But, it’s fine for students just beginning or advanced especially where better technique and new musical ideas or styles are to be pursued.  I can see and hear you play and so the usual attention given to individual needs is still the same.

The importance of physical space may be diminished when compared to the traditional one-on-one lesson but demonstration and interaction have not.

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